2083 European Declaration of Independence

This thing was way too long to read, and from what I researched about this text, I don’t think it would be worth even attempting. Most of the text is copied and pasted from other sources and was published online and through a large number of emails. This text is largely against cultural Marxism, but I feel that the actual text is not the most important part of its story. 

Breivik lived in Norway and is responsible for a large number of deaths through a car bomb and a mass shooting. Despite these events happening in 2011, and his trial in 2012, I have no recollection of any of this happening. The event is terrible and maybe the fact that it happened in Norway resulted in me, a little kid at the time, not hearing about it.  

I read that Breivik received the maximum penalty allowed in Norway, which is 21 years in prison with at least 10 guaranteed. I found this number very surprising due to the prison system in the United States I have become accustomed to. In this country people receive more time in jail for menial drug charges, but a mass murderer of children only receives 21 years. I’m not saying that either system is correct because imprisonment/rehabilitation is such a complex issue but it’s just crazy. Breivik’s 10-year minimum sentence is almost at an end soon, so if the court system determines he is no longer a threat to society, he really could just walk free in a short number of months.  

I don’t think that this text deserves to be considered forbidden because who is seriously going to take the time to read through this entire thing? If someone has intentions to act upon their violent thoughts and were to be inspired by any right-wing text, I do not think this one would be the one to inspire those actions.  

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