Gospel of Judas

I found the Gospel of Judas to be very difficult to read due to the large amount of missing text. I had trouble making heads or tails of much of the content and as a result I did not enjoy the read. I am not particularly familiar with the biblical texts, but I do know what Judas is portrayed as the one who sold out Jesus to the Romans for some silver and then later killed himself out of regret. The view in the Gospel of Judas that Jesus himself asked Judas to sell him out is very interesting as it is in direct contrast to the biblical viewpoint of the scenario.  

Non-canonical biblical texts like the Gospel of Judas create a feeling of uncertainty about the word of the bible. Throughout history many have portrayed the church to be corrupt and greedy and these differing points of views point me towards similar conclusions. I do not know which event really happened or the particulars of each event but being that there is conflict between texts intrigues me. Is the reason this text was left out of the biblical canon because it painted Jesus in a slightly different light?  

I thoroughly enjoy reading these non-canonical texts because it allows me to draw my own conclusions about the confusing history of Christianity. The fact that these texts exist is incredible due to the immense time span they have existed and all the history that has occurred while these have been hidden away, yet they still hold a significant place in society today.  

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