ISIS Dabiq Magazines

This is the text that I probably felt most in danger by researching on the internet. I already had some basic knowledge about ISIS through my parents and different social media sites, but I had never seen the magazines that they published. Going in I did not expect very much from them, but I was actually surprised at the quality of these different magazines. The templates were good, and the picture quality was way higher than anything I had expected. These seemed like legitimate, professional publications not done by an extremist group.  

Much of the text itself within these magazines contained Arabic words so I spent a lot of the time flipping between the magazines and google to find out what the text was trying to say. The text was definitely depicting ISIS and their methods in a positive light, opposite of anything I had ever heard about the group. Due to these differences, I am genuinely interested in learning more about the situation so I can find the genuine facts of the matter and not just trusting some official’s words.  

I can understand the argument as to why these would be censored and considered forbidden by the United States government. This group has caused the deaths of Americans, so why would the government allow their text to potentially influence the recruitment of new members? I remember a few years ago in ISIS’ prime in which some women actually flew out to Syria to join the group. I think they were from Oregon but the whole situation struck me as very weird that they would do that.  

I did enjoy these magazines and I was interested in the history of the conflicts associated with the group, but no, I do not have any intention of joining the group and ruining my life. 

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