Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar was actually a really entertaining movie and I really enjoyed watching it. At the beginning, I was really confused about what the movie entailed. Everyone was dressed in clothes that would seem appropriate for Jesus’ time and the scenery was all old rubble and caves, yet the entire cast pulled up in a bus. There were planes flying over Judas a couple times through the movie while Judas was groveling in the sand and singing and it just made for a confusing, but funny experience.  

The singing in the movie was very good as well. The actor who played Jesus had really good range with his voice and was able to hit super high notes. My favorite singer in the movie was most likely Judas; I think he had a very smooth sounding voice and could transition between different styles very fluidly. The actress that played Mary had one of my favorite songs in the movie where she confesses her love for Jesus and thinks to herself why she does love him so much. It was also very interesting how Judas sang the very same song shortly after Jesus was crucified and killed.  

Not all of the singing was as enjoyable though. Some of the Romans sang in ways that seemed ingenuine to their normal voices. One of the actors had an average speaking voice in which it was slightly deep, but when he sang it was very high pitched and almost bug-like. He sang like one of the skinny alien guys from the Men in Black movies. It was almost comical whenever he sang, but then again maybe that was the purpose of his inclusion.  

Overall, I think the movie was very well done and the idea of doing the New Testament in the form of a musical was great.  

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