Jonestown Presentation Outline

  • Jim Jones was the leader and founder of the cult, the Peoples’ Temple. 
  • Began in Indianapolis and ultimately settled in Guyana. 
  • The Jonestown settlement was located in a South American country by the name of Guyana. 
  • Jones led his followers there under the idea of a utopian socialist society. 
  • Used religion and manipulation in order to influence his followers into cooperation. 
  • Psychological Manipulation at the Hands of Jones 
  • Jones took advantage of “groupthink.” 
  • Jones constantly threatened and harassed his followers into silence or they would be tortured or killed. 
  • The Result of a Cultist’s Actions 
  • November 18, 1978 
  • Murder of Congressman Leo Ryan 
  • “Jonestown Massacre” 

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