Kaczynski – Industrial Society and its Future

Ted Kaczynski is somebody I had knowledge of prior to this class. Although I knew he was the Unabomber and some of the context behind the situation, I did not know about him as a person. Kaczynski probably had the most impressive manifesto I read this semester, as far as manifestos can go that is. Kaczynski came across as an actual smart person and had thorough analysis of society’s problems and even had solutions that made sense.  

After looking up some information about good ol’ Ted and his ideologies, I found out that he was actually a very smart person. His main area of study was mathematics and he excelled in that subject, but his knowledge was not limited to there.  

I don’t think that the Unabomber Manifesto should be considered a forbidden text because he actually does make some influential points. It is important to condemn Kaczynski for his actions because they truly were terrible, but his manifesto makes good points about the current state of society, or at least the society in which the manifesto was written.  

There is a movie that pertains to the Unabomber, and it is called Richard Jewell. Jewell was a security guard working at an event that was bombed by Kaczynski, and Jewell became a prime suspect for the bombing because this was at the beginning of Kaczynski’s bombing spree. The movie is very well done and does a great job of explaining the context behind the times the movie takes place in. I saw the movie a few years ago so I don’t remember many of the detailsm, but the movie is definitely worth watching again. 

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