Marquis de Sade – 120 Days of Sodom

120 Days of Sodom is the most unsettling thing I have read yet. The introduction to the book attempts to set the scene and prepare the reader for the content following, but I was not ready in the slightest. Within just the first hour of reading the book, a story about a young girl being used sexually by several priests just pops out. While I was reading through this story about the girl, I was just wondering how Marquis de Sade could possibly have written this. Surely, he knew the things he was saying were shocking, but the level of detail presented made it feel almost like he was present.  

Fortunately, I ran out of time and was unable to finish the book in its entirety. From the material that I skimmed; I am very glad I stopped where I did. The torture included at the conclusion of part 1 was very gruesome and somewhat creative in the methods the children were tortured and killed.  

I can understand why this is considered a forbidden text, especially in the time in which it was written. It is the most graphic and thoroughly detailed piece of literature I have read so I have some slight respect for his skills as an author, but why did the subject have to be this? If de Sade truly intended to protest censorship during the times, this was the piece of work that would prove his point and I think it was executed very well if that were his intention.  

Overall, I have mixed feelings about 120 Days of Sodom. On one hand the book was so incredibly messed up I have no idea how someone could even think this graphically. But on the other hand, the content within the book was executed at a very high level particularly in its clarity and detail surrounding the many traumatic events.  

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