SCUM Manifesto

This text was actually crazy. The SCUM Manifesto is definitely the most hyper-feminist piece of literature I have ever written and I did not know somebody actually thought like this. Valerie Solonas, the author of the SCUM Manifesto is a little rightfully biased in her writings. Solonas grew up being sexually abused by her own father and then became a prostitute once she moved to New York City. For each of her examples, I can follow her reasoning but my god it is radical beyond belief. Solonas began the text by stating that males were purely accidental and that they are no longer needed for sexual reproduction.  

The Feminist movement definitely has my support but Solonas was way beyond the arguments of the movement. Instead of equality, Solonas wanted a society in which there were only men. I think that the name for her group is actually pretty cool and the acronym is cool as well. Society for Cutting Up Men I feel is exactly what Solonas would choose for her own group.  

After researching around the text on google for a little bit, I found out that Solonas was the person to attempt to murder Andy Warhol. It both surprised and did not surprise me that she would attempt to do something like this. It turns out, this action brought some fame to Solonas’ manifesto and spread her radical feminist ideas. I think that this text does deserve to be read as it does make some good points, but it can also be used an example of something maybe a little too far. Overall, I did enjoy reading this text and I think Solonas does have some merit behind her thoughts, but that does not mean she should have openly acted upon them as she did with Andy Warhol.  

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