The Turner Diaries

The Turner Diaries was an absolutely disgusting book to read, although it was somewhat refreshing to have a novel thrown into the mix of terror that is the class syllabus. I did not read the book in its entirety due to some more poor planning on my side, but I did do my research around the text. The book is so incredibly racist its hard to believe that people can even think like this. People just have so much hate in their hearts for something as simple a difference as skin color.  

I thought it was very interesting how the effects of this book are still felt today. The Day of the Rope was a day in which all non-whites were to be strung up and killed within the Turner Diaries. At the January 6 insurrection at the capitol, there were many Trump supporters who called that day the Day of the Rope. In addition to the claims of the day, different nooses were found, showing the seriousness behind the words and motivations of these people.  

As a result of this book many people have died. These include race motivated killings of African-Americans and other minorities and the Oklahoma City bombings. I think this book should be considered forbidden due to the confirmed connections between this text and actual violent acts. The book is not even that well written because the characters were dry and the plot was predictable, so it is not even worth saving based on its literary merit. This book serves no place in society and deserved to be censored so that nobody may ever be influenced by the text again.  

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