ISIS Dabiq Magazines

This is the text that I probably felt most in danger by researching on the internet. I already had some basic knowledge about ISIS through my parents and different social media sites, but I had never seen the magazines that they published. Going in I did not expect very much from them, but I was actually surprised at the… Continue reading ISIS Dabiq Magazines

The Turner Diaries

The Turner Diaries was an absolutely disgusting book to read, although it was somewhat refreshing to have a novel thrown into the mix of terror that is the class syllabus. I did not read the book in its entirety due to some more poor planning on my side, but I did do my research around the text. The book… Continue reading The Turner Diaries

Kaczynski – Industrial Society and its Future

Ted Kaczynski is somebody I had knowledge of prior to this class. Although I knew he was the Unabomber and some of the context behind the situation, I did not know about him as a person. Kaczynski probably had the most impressive manifesto I read this semester, as far as manifestos can go that is. Kaczynski came across as an… Continue reading Kaczynski – Industrial Society and its Future

Jonestown Presentation Outline

Jim Jones was the leader and founder of the cult, the Peoples’ Temple.  Began in Indianapolis and ultimately settled in Guyana.  The Jonestown settlement was located in a South American country by the name of Guyana.  Jones led his followers there under the idea of a utopian socialist society.  Used religion and manipulation in order to influence his followers… Continue reading Jonestown Presentation Outline

Jonestown Final Paper

Jonestown, an American religious settlement located in the jungles of Guyana, tells the story of the dangers of psychological manipulation. People with no power living in suppressed fear were trapped as a result of the result of one man, Jim Jones. Jim Jones psychologically and physically tortured the residents of Jonestown into fearful compliance, lest… Continue reading Jonestown Final Paper

Satanic Verses

I did not end up getting very far into Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie but through my research around the book I think it is actually very cool. The whole book is a critique of Islam and is kind of a way for Rushdie to vent about his troubles with the religion.   Salman Rushdie actually got… Continue reading Satanic Verses

SCUM Manifesto

This text was actually crazy. The SCUM Manifesto is definitely the most hyper-feminist piece of literature I have ever written and I did not know somebody actually thought like this. Valerie Solonas, the author of the SCUM Manifesto is a little rightfully biased in her writings. Solonas grew up being sexually abused by her own father and then… Continue reading SCUM Manifesto

The Anarchist’s Cookbook

The Anarchist’s Cookbook was probably my favorite text that we have read as a class this year. It definitely seemed a little more light-hearted than texts like 120 Days of Sodom and Mein Kampf. I was able to find humor in this book and I actually enjoyed reading it and I read it all the way… Continue reading The Anarchist’s Cookbook

Mein Kampf

For the reading of Mein Kampf by none other than Adolf Hitler, the class split up the chapters so that we may cover a larger portion of the text. The two chapters I ended up having to read were focused on Hitler’s planning before the beginning of World War II. Hitler discussed which foreign allies he… Continue reading Mein Kampf